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We offer a hassle-free way to achieve your maximum Enterprise Development (ED), Supplier Development (SD) and Socio-Economic Development (SED) points

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Enterprise Development

Enterprise Development

We offer a simple, effective solution to your company's ED needs by acting as an Enterprise Development enabler.

Supplier  Development

supplier Development

Supplier Development has as its primary purpose, increasing the procurement levels of corporate South Africa from small business South Africa.

Social Economic Development

socio-economic development

Volition aims to provide a hassle-free way to achieve your maximum Socio-Economic Development (SED) points with a reliable organisation.

urban greening

urban greening

Greening Pretoria will have a social, economic and environmental impact. Currently large parts of the community in the city has no access to safe green spaces.



The aim of Volition is to acknowledge the hard work that goes into informal recycling which is not seen as a “normal” job.

Our StrategyWe use the Tekanô Model

The strategy towards job rehabilitation is through an individual development plan, called the Tekanô model. This is an incentivized model, where the participant needs to move through 3 phases, to benefit from the system e.g. if an individual/SME need benefits like low cost rent, or a salary increase, then he/she will have to finish all the requirements of phase 1, and so also with phase 2 and phase 3. View the Tekanô Model