With the advent of the changes to the BEE Codes, particularly relating to the introduction of Supplier Development, we can offer our corporate stakeholders a truly comprehensive solution.

In effect, Supplier Development is not much more than what was traditionally required through Enterprise Development, with one primary difference - recipients of such investments must now become suppliers to you (the measured entity). 

In simple terms, any supplier development strategy you undertake, no matter how complex, will ultimately have as its outcome, one or both of the following two options;

a. The option to invest in existing black suppliers within your company supply chain

b. The option to introduce new black suppliers into your company supply chain

In order to implement either of the above two options, most corporate companies, and certainly almost all of Volition's investors, will require assistance in doing so. So then, what exactly does this involve?

Firstly, it requires that you develop a supplier development strategy -something that provides a road map for how you are going to achieve your supplier development targets in a sustainable and effective manner. Depending on the complexities of your business, and size of your budget, this task will vary in time and expertise required. 

In summary, Supplier Development has as its primary purpose, increasing the procurement levels of corporate South Africa from small business South Africa. This is measured not only by your procurement levels from small black owned businesses, but now also by your investment in such businesses.

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